I like TB, but there are some aspects I don’t like about him as well. His focus on “objectivity” is noble and is definitely useful when it comes to things like PC optimization/graphical options, but I’ve come to view that creed as more limiting than anything. I find that aggregating a complete view on a game actually… » 4/16/15 4:03pm Thursday 4:03pm

I was up in arms about this when I waited to get DS2 on the PC originally, but I’ve since convinced myself that this is the intended durability mechanic and that the sub-60 one was the “broken” one since the increased durability degradation seemed like it was actually better balanced to the game’s difficulty… » 4/15/15 12:44pm Wednesday 12:44pm

I try to do stuff like this when I’m playing, since I usually don’t take the time to leave a bunch of messages pertaining to enemy strategies or ambushes and such. For instance, at the beginning of the bridge leading into Old Yharnam I put something to the effect of “Let’s cleanse these streets, no mercy for Hunter of… » 4/03/15 3:24pm 4/03/15 3:24pm

As far as I’m aware there isn’t. So far pretty much every single enemy can be snuck up on as long as you’re walking slowly and not running/sprinting. There are a couple that are a little more aware, but it’s usually scripted stuff (like the guy banging on the metal gate in central Yharnam) and are the exception not… » 4/02/15 8:25pm 4/02/15 8:25pm

Those guys used to give me a lot of trouble, luckily figured out the Kirkhammer staggers them with each hit and their “power up” animation leaves them open to a charged heavy attack from the rear if you’re quick. Now they only mess me up if my concentration lapses, but they’re much more manageable now. » 4/02/15 12:23pm 4/02/15 12:23pm