Okay, there's the Penny-Arcade dickwolves thing and the transphobe twitter thing. Are those why the whole diversity thing is a problem at PAX, or am I missing a piece of the puzzle? Is the PAX event itself considered unsafe for one reason or another for minority groups? » 4/21/14 6:39pm Monday 6:39pm

Exactly. I got burned by a few "early access" games when the system was first introduced, but now I don't touch early access no matter how interesting or cool the store page makes it seem; once it's done, then I'll take it seriously. I also peruse the user reviews and forums for the game, those have saved me many-a-time… » 4/21/14 6:30pm Monday 6:30pm

...listen, I don't really have a horse in this race but what did you expect when the OP's post is essentially "I have an opinion but am not interested in discussion"? Anyone who is articulate and capable of holding the relevant conversation will see that and go "okay, guess I'll move on" and, surprise, those who are more… » 4/21/14 11:39am Monday 11:39am